Sisters of Invention


Sisters of Invention is a Swedish duo that includes:

  • Malin Almgren

Born in 1991, is currently living in Gothenburg.
Works as a musician and composer. 
Musicians/bands she has played with; 
Karolina Almgren, Nils Landgren, Rigmor Gustafsson, Jonas Kullhammar,  Ida Sand, Bohuslän Big Band, Norrbotten Big Band, 
Timo Räisänen, Lill-Babs, Sallyswag..

Has composed music for;
AYJO (Artic Youth Jazz Orchestra), Bohuslän Big Band

  • Karolina Almgren

Born in 1992, is currently living in Malmö.
Works as a musician and composer 
Musicians/bands she has played with;
Malin Almgren, Nils Landgren, Rigmor Gustafsson, Jonas Kullhammar, Ida Sand,  Bohuslän Big Band, Amason,
 Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet

Has composed music for;
 AYJO (Artic Youth Jazz Orchestra), Bohuslän Big Band

In whatever form Sisters of Invention´s music takes the goal is always, and will always be, to move people.
In 2016 Sisters of Invention will among other things release a music-video. And do concerts with both Sisters of Invention Duo as well as Bohuslän Big Band.

The sisters started to make music together at a very early age.
Their collaboration has lead to numerous things. To mention a few: Two well received records: "Om&Om Igen" and ”Navigating". ”Navigating" was released in 2015 and on two tracks they are joined by the well known Swedish saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar. Both records can be bought online -->  here.

Trough the years they have played at a great deal of places in Sweden with their live-duo Sisters of Invention Duo. The live duo is based on improvisation and instrumental craftsmanship, the setting is drums and saxophone as a base, and added to the sound is vocal, loop-station, drum-pad and glockenspiel. The music can be described as colorful and groovy but at the same time poetic and vulnerable. They focus on strong melodies and rhythms and as a listener you can prepare yourself to be surprised over the variety of sounds and styles being made by such a small amount of components.

In 2015 the sisters were on a mini tour in Germany and Sweden with the band Nils Landgren with friends, which contained, apart from Nils Landgren: Rigor Gustafsson, Ida Sand and Eva Kruse.

In autumn 2015 Malin and Karolina were on tour with the professional Swedish big band, Bohuslän Big Band. They performed music composed and arranged by the sisters who also functioned as soloists in the band. 
The production consists of two sets each 45 minutes long, one written by Malin and one by Karolina. They composed after two different themes. Malin´s music was inspired by colors and Karolina´s theme was inspired by space. The music is modern in a fresh and exiting way. A mixture of emotions and genres, but always with a personal touch. The audience are swept away on a journey which is hard to predict where it will lead.