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October 16th


Photo - Ellika Henrikson
Photo - Ellika Henrikson

SOL wich is the swedish word for sun, is Sisters of Inventions fourth album and contains twelv intriguing compositions. Every track reflects on a specific moment, the listeners can follow the sun as it moves from early dawn, with only a few tentative rays of sun, to dusk when the moon slowly takes over the sky. Mixing different genres and finding inspiration in all kinds of music has always been Malin and Karolina´s way to create music. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the variety of sounds and styles you will find in this duo. The music is modern and fresh, but in no way overcomplicated. A mixture of genres and feelings and always with personal touch.

The song is about the city and the impact the city has on us humans. With a poetic language Hustak describes the beauty of an early walk in the city, but the song also deals with the frustration of being stuck in a stressful enviroment and the constant feeling of beeing surrounded by people.