In 2016 Malin and Karolina came up with the idé "Dubbelduo". A project where two already existing duos explores the concept of forming a band, playing with and against each other like two teams instead of reaching for the normal quartet sound. Together they compose new music that suits the constellation´s unique instrumentation. The four musicians form a double duo.  

The second edition of "Dubbelduo" started in 2019 but didn´t see the world untill 2021.
This time with SYMBIO
a folk music duo consisting of
Johannes Geworkian Hellman (hurdy-gurdy)
& LarsEmil Öjeberget (accordion). 
Together they played twelve concerts.

In 2017, the first edition of Dubbelduo,
 Sisters of Invention teamed up with 
Håkan Broström (saxophone) and
Mai Leisz (electric bass).
Together they played seven concerts.

Two very diffrent but equally good collaborations.
Special thanks to Musikverket for supporting theese projects!